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The Boondocks is forever relevant.


    The Boondocks is forever relevant.

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    If we were in outer space, I’d run laps around Jupiter if it meant that I might possibly come across you. I’d throw moon rocks at your window, hoping you might step out for a few seconds.

    And while you’re gazing at the nebula from afar, I know that it may seem like nothing more than a cloud of dust and other ambiguous elements. But soon enough, we’ll form enough stars to pierce light into the darkness.

    I may only be a mere speck of stardust, but if you let me glide through the anatomy of your orbit, I’ll light a fire inside of you that would make even the sun envious.

    I know that the universe is argued to be the “totality of existence”, but I’m willing to prove otherwise if you grant me the privilege of getting lost in your constellation.

    And come to think of it, I don’t know a damn thing about astronomy, but by the way you looked at me, I could have sworn that our galaxies have collided in another lifetime.

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    *goes anywhere*

    *scans for people of color*

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    "Know that change is necessary in order to grow. If you have both of these things in your life know that you are on the right track."
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    "I stopped looking for the light. Decided to become it instead."
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